Random: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Glitch Lets You Skip School (and Story)

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There were a lot of glitches in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that took us by surprise in the first few days of playing in the wild. But aside from ruining selfies, boosting sprint speed, and providing opportunities for long jumps, we haven’t seen one that really bypasses the game’s story…so far, that is.

As u/GalaxyHunter17 pointed out on Reddit, there is a certain loophole in the game that, if followed, allows you to skip the first day of school and presumably the start of the story. The glitch itself is relatively free of spoilers, although there are some locations and a description of where the game’s tutorial will take you, in the following details. Therefore, if you are looking to fully immerse yourself in games, we must mention the following:

Minor spoilers for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet ahead!

Full details of the glitch are outlined in the Reddit post below, although the gist is that you’re using a location jump, which could cause you to accidentally end up in Area 4 despite never participating in the introductory tutorial.

While it seems like a fun glitch, GalaxyHunter17 soon discovered that the game’s story is inextricably linked to your first day of school – the items you get there and the plot threads that initiate. This means that while you are skipping school, Paldea stands still. Let this be a lesson to you kids – never skip school.

Of course, in a game as underdeveloped as Scarlet and Violet, it’s not just the story that’s tied to these initial quests. Missing your first day of school means no gyms, no Team Star and, oddly enough, no end of daylight hours – not that that’s stopped GalaxyHunter17 from hitting 200 entries in his Pokédex.

Could this be a deep message from Game Freak about the risks of not getting a good education, or just another glitch in a game that seems to be full of them? For some reason, we tend to the second.

What do you think of this school skipping glitch? Let us know about it in the comments!

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