Random: Pokémon Dev Game Freak’s 1985 guide is now available to watch online


At the moment, it is quite widely known that Game Freak, the developer Pokemon franchise, used to work on print magazines before moving into video game development.

What No it is so well known what these magazines consist of. Well, now we have a stronger idea thanks to a Twitter user. picto who uploaded the entirety of one of the Game Freak magazines on Internet Archive.

The magazine itself is a complete walkthrough of The Fairyland Story, a platform arcade game released in 1985 by Taito. The main role in the game is played by Ptolemy, a witch who will need to clear each one-screen stage of all her enemies before moving on to the next one. Using projectile magic, Ptolemy can destroy his enemies and turn them into cakes. Yummy. The Fairyland Story was later re-released on the Nintendo Switch as part of Arcade Arcade range.

The guide itself is, as expected, entirely in Japanese, but it’s nonetheless interesting to see how Satoshi Tajiri (founder and president of Game Freak) and Ken Sugimori (Pokémon character designer) spent their days before creating one of the biggest franchises. in entertainment history. Big things come from small beginnings!

Have you seen any other magazines from the early days of Game Freak? What do you think of this guide for The Fairyland Story? Let us know!

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