Random: Player discovers an easy way to walk 1000 steps in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Image: Nintendo Life

One of the new features of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is that there are certain Pokémon that only level up after you walk 1,000 steps with them. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Unfortunately, this is worse than it looks because it requires that Pokemon to drop out of its ball and walk around with it… and our Pokemon have a tendency to either completely stop moving or jump back into their ball whenever they feel like it. . a nightmare.

But smart Pokémon players are here to save the day, because it turns out all you have to do is just hop onto the roof of the Pokémon Center and your Pokémon will be running around like headless Torchiki trying to catch up with you.

We tried it out on top of the Los Platos Poké Center and it worked really well, but you might have to experiment to find one you can get to. However, we couldn’t confirm how long it took because we just let Pavmo run for a while while we worked. It’s longer than 10 minutes…we think.

Here is the proof:

Evolution 1000 Pokemon Steps
Image: Nintendo Life

Other, more advanced tricks include running around the tower or just the old-fashioned method of running up and down a long stretch of road, but with these methods, there is no guarantee that your Pokémon won’t get stuck somewhere stupid and give up.

Is it a little cruel? No more brutal than making Pokémon fight, right? Not for some players:

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