Random: Piplup’s time in the spotlight continues with his own Pokemon music video

Piplup, the tiny starter penguin featured in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, has what we in the business call “The Moment.” Over the last month we’ve had Piplup ASMR, Piplup Fitness Workouts and most recently Piplups were awarded to Japanese players in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Piplup, known as Pochama in Japan, even has his own Twitter account.

On the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel, he now has his own music video (with 100% less screaming than ASMR) featuring the Pokémon songs we ran through Google Translate:

  • Next to You – Hikari’s Theme
  • Tomorrow is a must
  • La la la on the chest
  • wind message

The video shows Piplup drowning, dancing and hanging out with his other Diamond and Pearl buddies. It’s all terribly cute, and as we mentioned, there’s a lot less screaming than his ASMR video.

The message we all need right now. Although I did not expect it to be from a penguin.

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