Random pick: Game Boy, filmed for two, returns from the dead

Halloween is this weekend, so what better way to report play equipment rising from the grave? The man responsible for this amazing resurrection – Soldering (AKA: Taylor Burleigh), whom you may remember from a story we recently shared about dunking. Zelda orange juice carts (basically, don’t).

Burleigh, if you didn’t know, offers to fix broken games and hardware, and he recently received a Game Boy pocket PCB that was cut in two. The story goes that the owner disassembled the console to clean it, but accidentally dropped it on the floor, where his wife (just as accidentally) stepped on it.

Surprisingly, despite this damage, Burleigh managed to get the console back to perfect working order. First, he used sandpaper to erase the solder mask on the PCB itself, before rejoining the two pieces of the PCB with epoxy. He then had to painstakingly re-solder any open connections that were severed when the PCB was ripped in two (and then had to wrestle with a slightly dangling power switch), but the end result is a fully working (albeit bare) Game Boy Pocket. …

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