Random: Opera Group adds Mario to Mozart in Nintendo-themed retelling of The Magic Flute

Image: Pacific Opera Project

Mozart and Mario may seem very similar in name, but they don’t have many other similarities – except when Mozart was in an obscure SNES/NES game called Mario’s Time Machine, but let’s not worry about that. now.

Our point of view is that you have to be pretty damn creative to mix these two works into an opera, but that’s exactly what the Los Angeles-based Pacific Opera Project has done with their retelling of Mozart’s opera. magical flute – or, as they call it, #Superflute.

POP is a group trying to create “quality opera that is affordable, affordable and fun” and as part of that goal they used to make mashups – Mozart and Star Trek, Mozart and Scarfaceeven Mozart and COVID. They last performed Nintendo-flavored Magic Flute in 2019, which featured characters such as Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Wario, Zelda, and Pit from Kid Icarus.

Here’s what the director had to say at the time about the show (from LAist):

“[The theme] just lined up so well because you have Tamino in The Magic Flute, which is all about doing quests and trying to find your princess Pamina – and that’s exactly Zelda and Link. And then you have Mario, a coin collector, and Papageno, a bird collector, so there’s a pretty strong connection.”

Random: Opera Group Adds Mario to Mozart in Nintendo-Themed Retelling of The Magic Flute 4
Image: Pacific Opera Project
Random: Opera Group Adds Mario to Mozart in Nintendo-Themed Retelling of The Magic Flute 5
Image: Pacific Opera Project

If it’s even half as good as that Nintendo-themed burlesque show we went to years ago, we book tickets to LA. And if you’re already in Los Angeles – you can buy tickets right here.

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