Random: Nintendo’s Customer Service Wins the Day With Sweet Response to the Young Pokémon Fan


We’ve seen quite a few stories like this over the years, where a young Nintendo girl sends a letter asking for a new specific game or to present her own development idea and actually receives a response. Nintendo of America’s Customer Service team seems to have it all figured out, often inventing sweet answers and making the child’s day a little brighter, and sometimes helping them develop an even closer connection with Nintendo for the better. years to come.

Initially published last week, a tweet showing a similar story has gone viral in recent days. Twitter user @Corse_Matin explains that his son sent a letter to Nintendo requesting the inclusion of non-binary Pokémon.

“Dear Nintendo,” read the boy’s letter. “Would you please make Pokémon not binary? I also want that because I think it would be great and so that people who are not binary feel more comfortable.”

You can see that initial letter in the second tweet below, but here’s Nintendo’s response; sent by Nintendo Consumer Service Rep, Liz Daniels, the message thanks the young fan for writing and for his “fantastic idea”, saying that we want to ensure that people of all genders feel welcomed and comfortable while playing our software “.

To top things off, the Nintendo representative says they will send feedback to the relevant departments to “review and consider with due diligence” the request, and have also included some special bonuses as a gift.

Of course, we all know that development teams at Nintendo – or in this case, The Pokémon Company and Game Freak – will continue to make games without being influenced too much by fan requests, but the gesture is very welcome. Nice work, Nintendo representative!



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