Random: Nintendo’s Bowser Praises Cub Scouts for “Arrow of Light” Achievement

Image: Nintendo

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It appears that the president of Nintendo of America, the one and only Doug Bowser, recently wrote to a troop of young scouts to congratulate them on being named Arrow of Light. No, it’s not Zelda that the princess is breaking out to destroy Ganon once and for all (or until the next game), but apparently that’s the highest rank Cub Scout can reach before advancing to the next level of Scoutdom.

According to Tales from the collectionthe squad leader contacted Nintendo ahead of the Blue & Gold Banquet tangential “electronic” event that would reward young scouts and requested letters of congratulations for the six people leveling up.

The leaker who posted the story on Facebook (which we unfortunately couldn’t find) reportedly only asked for a response from the company on official Nintendo letterhead. However, he received six letters back, each signed by the highest-ranking Nintendo boss in the Americas and containing an inspirational message to boot.

Letter 768x955
Image: Sean Tanner via Tales of the Collection

As you can see in the picture above, each email also came with a Nintendo bookmark.

Encouraging message and Bowser’s autograph as well as nice bookmark? Not bad, huh?

Let us know below which Nintendo executive you’d like to hear the most support from. Koizumi-san’s parting words would be of great benefit to us.

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