Random: Nintendo Fan Creates Steel Case For His Switch Dock

Image: via Reddit

A Switch fan on the Nintendo Switch subreddit showcased a custom chassis made entirely of steel. To clarify, this creation of “Destroyer1102” is not actually a working dock, but a steel case that wraps around the official base unit.

It looks like it’s designed specifically for the OG model dock, and if you’re worried about wireless interference, the creator has explained how they use the LAN adapter. Some other users were concerned about turning off the ventilation at the back of the dock, so this is one possible design flaw. It can also get a little hot, which isn’t good considering it’s made of metal.

That being said, the creator did it all himself – that includes the body design and welding – and this is a stunning custom creation that no one else has. In one response, he was even compared to Beskar Armor from the Star Wars series. Mandalorian… And in terms of future improvements, one possible future plan is to make the Smash Bros. lit up – a bit like Iron Man’s arc reactor.

Switch Steel Dock Case
Image: via Reddit

What do you think of this individual case? Do you have a fancy dock case or something similar? Leave a comment below.

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