Random: Nintendo Direct student ‘joke’ leads to increased security on campus

Image: Nintendo/Illumination

A person hoping to enjoy today’s Nintendo Direct, allegedly a student at California State University, Fullerton, forced the acting campus police chief to tighten security after sending an indirect message to a professor urging the class to be canceled “for the good of mankind.”

The news comes straight from CSUF Police Department Twitter Page (Thank you, Nintendo All), and Acting Principal Scott Wyllie confirmed that a university professor had received an email referring to a “once-in-a-lifetime event” that occurred on February 8 and suggesting that classes be cancelled.

The statement said detectives became aware of the Nintendo Direct presentation after an “hour-long investigation” before confirming that the individual had contacted the professor in question and admitted the email was a “bad joke.” Despite this, security measures will be tightened at the university during the day due to “excessive caution”.

It’s definitely odd, and perhaps a serious reminder that words written online – whether on social media or via email – can have a profound effect on those who read them, intentionally or not. In this case, someone’s excitement seemed to get the better of them.

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