Random: Modders create the world’s smallest GameCube using original Nintendo hardware

Over the years here at Nintendo Life, we’ve seen some pretty impressive retro gaming creations. There was a huge, full-featured DS, a Mario Kart game cabinet, and a LEGO GBA, but this latest build shared Macho Nacho Productions might just be the most impressive thing we’ve seen in a long time (thank you, Nintendo Wire).

If the title or the above video hasn’t already given it away, a couple of modders by name Wesk Retro fit And Crazy Gadget developed a device called the GC Nano, the world’s smallest working GameCube, which consists of real Nintendo hardware.

As shown in Macho Nacho’s video, the build takes advantage of the Wii’s backwards compatibility by trimming the console’s motherboard to the smallest possible size. The result is a device that (except for the lack of a working disc drive) is an almost identical copy of the GameCube, but about the same size as the original Game Boy cartridge.

All the build details are in the presentation video at the top of this article, but we can’t stress enough that the device offers four-player multiplayer just like the original GameCube. And runs all games without the need for emulation. Now it’s pretty neat.

The creators of the device described in detail each step of the project on Forumalthough this seems like a build that requires quite a bit of experience, so we won’t try it ourselves just yet.

What do you think of this pocket project? Let us know about it in the comments.

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