Random: Link’s Breath of the Wild Bow Technique “really sucks” according to a professional archer

Of all the Nintendo protagonists, Link should be at the very top. steep the end of the scale – although he is also somehow on the sweeter and more frivolous end. We would say that Link’s coolness can be explained by three things: his heroic attitude towards saving the world; how he hugs cats in Zelda: Twilight Princess; and how he can hit a Bokoblin right between the eyes with a skillfully shot arrow while on horseback. What a guy.

Unfortunately, we have bad news. You see, Link’s bow and arrow technique sucks.

These are the words of a professional instructor at Ridgeline Mounted Archers, a place in Oregon that teaches mounted archery (i.e. on Tiktok, the instructor explains that Link uses two-finger “reversed” drawing in Breath of the Wild, which is apparently a bad idea. idea, because it pushes your arrow in the opposite direction to where you want it to go.

However, Link seems to be handling his bad technique just fine, so it’s probably best to just leave him alone. Maybe he just learned this method from a young age and can’t change his lifestyle? Maybe we think too much about it?

Anyway, now you know that you probably shouldn’t copy your heroes. Especially when it comes to shooting fictional animals.

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