Random: Krystal’s OG voice actor reprises role in Half-Life 2 Mod

The modder known as Gagnetar previously released Half life 2 A mod that replaced Alyx Vance with Crystal from the Star Fox series. Now, in an update, the same person has taken this mod to the next level by having Crystal’s original VA, Estelle Ellis, overwrite Alyx’s dialogue with Crystal’s voice.

As you may remember, Krystal made her first debut in Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube in 2002. So how did this Half-Life 2 mod come about? Apparently, the creator has been talking about this with VA “from time to time” for years:

“I talked to her from time to time for years, decided to just buy her a decent microphone and we worked from there.”

As seen in the video below, the mod includes full facial animation and tail physics for Krystal. She will even appear on television where Alix usually appears.

All of the above footage is still a work in progress and the mod is scheduled to be released in time for Star Fox’s 20th Anniversary which will take place this September.

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