Random: Japanese workers dream of having Nintendo raffle off their tax returns

Image: Nintendo

At the best of times, tax returns are absolutely terrible. Anyone who runs their own business – whether it’s a full-time job or freelance – knows how heartbreaking it can be to fill out a seemingly endless list of forms, the only end result of which is handing over money to Mr. Taxman. Unless the delightful word “discount” is used, it will never be the most rewarding experience.

People in Japan seem to agree, with some expressing a wish that Nintendo could gamify the whole process to make it more bearable. In a tweet on @sanmomo_shi_tog stated that “as stated earlier, when Nintendo develops software under the supervision of the National Tax Agency’s ‘First Tax Return’, you may not hear that kind of cry at the end of the fiscal year” (thanks, Machine).

At the time of writing, the joke has been retweeted over 13,000 times, with many users sharing the same sentiment: “At the end of every fiscal year, it will sell like hot cakes among adults” and “speedruns would be super fun.” were only two of the most positive reactions to the proposal.

Nintendo has a history of providing games that promote education and well-being, with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, Wii Fit, and Game Builder Garage being key examples. Nintendo has been focusing more on “traditional” games in recent years, but many users feel that their experience in this area will translate well into the tax return process. Maybe they could throw an animated Nodon there, or a rabbit, or a Balanceboard, or something else at least!

As for us, we are in two minds. Yes, there is absolutely no doubt that the tax return process could be spruced up a bit, and Nintendo would probably be our first choice to take on the challenge. However, there’s a lot going on in a tax return, and we’re a little skeptical that such a complex process can be simplified in a way that’s fun while still retaining the vital information you need to avoid penalties.

On the other hand, if Waluigi drops by to point out where we screwed up, it might take the pain away. “You took second work to cover your rising costs?! Bwaahahahaha!

How do you think? Do I need to file a tax return every year? Do you think a company like Nintendo can make the process more fun? Let us know at the usual place.

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