Random: It’s okay, Kirby can’t stomach his enemies

Image: Nintendo Life

Have you ever wondered what happens when Kirby swallows his enemies? Well, he doesn’t eat them, at least not in the traditional sense, according to HAL lab chief executive Shinya Kumazaki.

In an interview with Polygon At this year’s GDC, the publication was eager to learn the truth about Kirby’s ability to absorb enemies. Kumazaki was at a conference in San Francisco with expert director Tatsuya Kamiyama to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the pink down jacket, and the two of them provided merchandise (via Nintendo All).

So what actually happens when Kirby swallows an enemy? They are teleported somewhere to another world. Sounds less scary, right? Here’s what Kumazaki tells Polygon. If Kirby were to “digest” enemies, it could be a bit “unpleasant”, and apparently a more “accessible” approach would be to teleport enemies to another location. Here is Kumazaki’s answer on what’s really going on:

“Instead, we have this comical, funny image where the enemies are chugging. When Kirby swallows an enemy or creature, they may disappear, but they appear somewhere else in the world.”

So Kirby’s stomach is just a reality-warping dimension that can warp people anywhere. Not scary at all.

In other important – and slightly unsettling – news about Kirby, if you cut Kirby open, you’ll find that he’s “full of dreams.” But really, it’s actually a mystery. We know that Kirby is just joy in a round pink uniform, but if he’s full of dreams… what does that say about his stomach again? Can enemies be transported into dreams?

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