Random: Internet Reacts to Switch’s New OLED Model


Butter, butter, butter, butter. It seems like every single game journalist and influencer was right after all, with a few hundred warnings. The very rumored Switch Pro has become one sliiiightly submitted new Nintendo Switch model with a bigger OLED screen, a forum to go to the Internet, and a horrible name that we have to write down every time we talk about it. Ugh.

But again, it comes in white, and the toaster dock is more slick! We didn’t anticipate it. Or not? Maybe we did. After all, we try to find new things to say about this voice over the years; we probably even predicted that it would have the integration of Amazon Alexa at some point.

But the internet is already caught on the meme’s treadmill, pumping reactions, jokes and jokes about the Nintendo Switch (Model OLED) just minutes after its announcement. Let’s take a look.

Hey, it looks like that [X]!

Humans love to recognize things, and the revelation of the OLED Switch is no different.

It looks a bit like the Allsort Liquorice bottle.

Father Cruella De Vil.

Or a toaster, perhaps.

In fact, it looks like some kind of … every other console of this generation. Why is white fashionable? Everyone knows that all players have horrible hands of sticky cheese powder.

Too little, too late

Even as a Nintendo website, we can admit that Nintendo may be a bit … back in the day, we say. As PlayStation and Xbox are constantly fighting to have ten more pixels and even more colorful colors, with faces made so realistic that you will accidentally fall in love with Cortana or Crash Bandicoot, Nintendo is only happy to make Mario games turn to 30FPS is 720P. It doesn’t matter if you have fun, does it?

But, ah … a LAN port? In 2021? Really, Ninty?

And, wait, haven’t we asked for Bluetooth for a while now?

And should we be concerned that they haven’t mentioned the notoriously drifty Joy-Cons update … at all?

Nintendo has no idea how people play it


Because they’re all Nintendo Switch ads like “Game Pikmin on a basketball court under a horse ”and“ I love playing Smash Bros. in my million-dollar apartment in New York living alone? ”Let’s be honest, we’re all playing Crossbreeding Animals in our pants on the couch, in the most unpleasant positions they are for sure not good for our thorns. Stop making video games look sexy and cool, Nintendo!

Has Nintendo delayed the release?

There were so many rumors that the new Switch would be announced at E3, yet … nothing happened. Nintendo listened to the entire audience for a 4K Switch and went back to the office to change their E3 Direct, just because they knew they would never experience it again? We can only speculate. And we hope to have it!

The announcement was a bit … strangely timed, wasn’t it? Almost like they didn’t want us to notice her? Who announces things on a Tuesday by chance?

This reminds me of a quote from The Simpsons

No matter what the viral news is, there is always one Simpsons citation to correspond. This time, it’s Malibu Stacy:

Just watch one of these tweets to get it. It’s all the same joke.

… Also, a quote from The Office


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … PlayStation Vita?

It doesn’t go unnoticed that the new Switch is surprisingly similar to the PlayStation’s lack of appreciation. We also pointed out that the Switch looks like a worthy successor to Life earlier this week, which with all the visual novels coming out this year.

For some, Life could actually be … gasp… better:

Shoot, maybe we should just get our Life out of storage.

Actually, that’s fine

In fact, the new Switch is fine. Especially if you play mainly by hand. Chill, you all.

Plus, it’s actually a relief for developers!

Chris, what?

Occasional NL writer Chris Scullion he doesn’t remember Vita, Liquorice Allsorts, or Cruella De Vil – no, for Scully, the obvious reference was Aled Jones, teen chorister of the ’80s Christmas movie The Snowman.

We can even memes

… Tell me if it’s from your Twitter NL account? Yes. Please like us.

What now?

Our lives are so empty without Switch Pro rumors. Does anyone seem to make any new noise? Breath of the Wild 2 is it located in space? Is the next Mario game in 4D? Metroid Prime 4 could it really come out this decade? Ha, let’s not go too much wild!

What has been your favorite reaction that emerges from this announcement out of nowhere? Let me know in the comments!



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