Random: Hyperkin and Kraft Heinz team up for ‘monumental’ collaboration

Image: Hyperkin/Kraft Heinz

Hyperkin, a company that makes a wide range of play equipment and accessories, has announced that it is teaming up with food giant Kraft Heinz to produce “snack-related play accessories” that use “the most popular snack brands that have been committed to nutrition.” sofa warriors for decades.”

Kraft Heinz owns brands such as Kool-Aid, Lunchables and Bagel Bites. The deal, described as a “monumental milestone”, will allow Hyperkin to launch a “line of products dedicated exclusively to gamer-friendly products.”

Here is the full PR:

Hyperkin has announced that they will be partnering with Kraft Heinz to produce snack-related play accessories, using the most popular snack brands that have fed dedicated couch warriors for decades. Now gamers can truly introduce their favorite foods like BAGEL BITES.®HEINZ® spices, COOL-AID®LUNCHES®CRAFT® MACARONI AND CHEESE, Oscar MAYER®WELVITA®and CRAFT DINNER® (KD to our Canadian brothers) at their battle stations or on the move.

Hyperkin is a Los Angeles-based video game hardware developer known for its unique nostalgic products for both retro and modern gamers. Recently, in partnership with Xbox and 343 Industries (Halo), Hyperkin released three updated versions of their copy of the Duke, the original Xbox controller. Hyperkin’s collaboration with Kraft Heinz is a monumental milestone as it marks the first time a gaming company is launching a line of products widely available in the market, dedicated exclusively to gamer-friendly products.

Details on the new product line will follow shortly.

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