Random: Huge fan-made LEGO Mario build uses 14 motors to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life

Image: Nintendo Life

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty impressive Nintendo-themed LEGO builds on the site. Remember the 14 foot Bowser from Comic Con in July? Surely nothing else will be as impressive, right?

Well as long as it can be small This massive Mario level, designed by Brandon Jones, is smaller than a massive dinosaur and can just support a brick shield (sorry). The intricate set was detailed at this year’s BrickCon. Beyond the brick providing details below.

The Mario on the Move build is made up of over 12,000 parts and uses 14 motors to make a number of sections move just like in the game – come on, that’s smart. What’s really impressive is the level of detail here. The set features side-scrolling goombas, flying bullet Bill, bursting piranha plants, and even a fully featured item randomizer at the top.

In truth, we really wish we could buy this whole set today (not that we have enough space or budget to do so). One look at this flying goomba and we were sold!

While the build is certainly one of the most impressive we’ve seen in a while, Jones said he has no further plans for another Mario project at the moment:

This is what I assumed from the very beginning. It matches my original intent and intentions very closely, so I don’t plan to develop it further. I’ll show it on a few cons and then maybe share. Let’s see where all the pieces should go.

Jones shared several big plans for building his home. Flickr accountwhere you can also find images of some of his previous projects.

Thanks to Patrick Westlin for the tip! What do you think of this huge Mario build? Go down to the comments to let us know (just be careful not to step on the bricks!)

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