Random: Hideki Kamiya Echoes Every Nintendo Fan’s Wishes For Switch Successor

Image: PlatinumGames

The anticipation of Bayonetta 3 makes us think again about PlatinumGames, and the recent HCV interview with some of the studio’s top board members (including Takao Yamane, Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya) shows that even game design leaders have hopes for the next Nintendo console.

In a discussion that ranges from the appointment of Takao Yamane as VP of PlatinumGames and CBO to the disappointing launch of Babylon’s Fall, the VGC interview ends with a note on Bayonetta 3, in particular the challenges of developing a game for the Switch’s hardware capabilities.

When asked if the Switch looks like an outdated console that games are currently in development for, Kamiya was rather optimistic that he doesn’t feel limited by the hardware’s capabilities:

It’s hardware, and whatever the hardware, whatever environment we’re developing the game in at the moment, we’re trying to make the most of what we have and feel good about it.

This naturally led to the legendary game designer’s comment regarding his hopes for the next Nintendo console, in which he referred to his love for the Switch’s unique portability:

For me personally, this is a very lifestyle-oriented preference, but right now I find it really hard to “sit” still in front of the TV and play games. As for me, I lay down and play games in handheld mode and I love games so much and that’s the main reason I like Nintendo Switch.

Whenever there’s new hardware that Nintendo decides to release next, I personally hope they still have this portable item so it can support my lifestyle when I’m playing games when I’m lying down!

Rumors of a Switch successor travel as fast and often as Mario movie leaks, and it’s nice to hear that someone with as much experience in the gaming world as Kamiya shares our love for Switch mobility. The next Nintendo console (Switch Pro or whatever) has a chance to appear in many different forms, but we hope it can convey some sense of portability – even if it’s just to please Kamiya.

It’s also good to hear that even those at the top of PlatinumGames are being kept in the dark about what Nintendo has in store for the future in the hardware lab. Someday we’ll all hear somethingCorrectly?

Read about this and more in the full VGC interview. Be sure to go to their website to check it out.

Do you agree with Kamiya on Nintendo’s next big console? Share your hopes with us in the comments below!

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