Random: Hideki Kamiya believes Bayonetta Origins will help people have children

Image: Nintendo

Hideki Kamiya is known for being quite optimistic, but this one definitely wins.

As noted Kotakuthe creator of Bayonetta recently took to Twitter and made a rather bold statement (i.e. joked) that Bayonetta Origins: Ceresa and the Lost Demon will cause an “unprecedented marriage boom” and help solve Japan’s declining birth rate. Oh matron.

According to bloomberg In the article, Japan posted the fewest number of births in its recorded history in 2022, prompting Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to say the country should focus on “child and parenting policy.” Kamiya clearly thinks Bayonetta Origins’ protagonist, Cereza, is so attractive that it will make players think.

Translated, Kamiya’s tweet reads:

Play Seresa and the Lost Demon ↓

I want a baby like Seresa ↓

An unprecedented marriage boom is coming ↓

The problem of declining birth rate will be solved ↓

Everyone is happy

We are not entirely sure that we fully agree with Kamiya’s statements; after all, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are infinitely cuter, even if they can be little troublemakers at the best of times!

If you’re still thinking about Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, be sure to check out our full review. We gave the game a 7/10 and said it was “a graphically stunning tale with lots of atmosphere and charm”, but warned that “repetition creeps in later in the game”.

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