Random: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean a Pokémon and eat it?

Image: brain queen

We’ve all dreamed of eating Pokémon, despite common sense. Sure, they’re our companions, our pets, our ticket to the Pokémon League, and more… but some of them also look delicious. Is a Miltank Burger okay? Is squirtle soup unethical? And which of the many fishy Pokémon will taste better?

We’ll never be able to answer these questions, mostly because Pokémon aren’t real, but animator Brainquin created some detailed images of chefs preparing Pokémon to eat. Cleaned chikorita, anyone?

Now tell us in the comments: How would you cook your favorite Pokémon? Charizard steak with cherry sauce? Nanab Split with vanilla on top? Get creative!

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