Random: Gorgeous Scott! These Splatoon 3 rewards

Image: Universal Pictures

Splatoon 3 touches on all sorts of youth and fashion themes, but it looks like the third installment also took inspiration from a number of popular films from the 1980s. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

As several Inklings and Octolings have noted on several social media platforms, the latest release has items that appear to pay homage to films such as Back to the Future, star Wars and maybe even Ghostbusters.

Aside from Marty’s visor and Doc’s goggles, it seems that Splatoon 3 may also have references to the “Keymaster helmet” from Ghostbusters (known as the “Brain Strainer” in-game) and the Rebel pilot helmets from Star Wars (known as “Astrohelmet” in game). Below are some more images of this “unreleased Grizzco gear”:

What do you think of these items? Will you wear them in combat? Comment below.

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