Random: Game development lecturers are already showing off Sakurai’s video

Image: Masahiro Sakurai on making games

Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube videos are causing quite a stir in the video game community. With short, fast shipping and easy-to-understand basics, they are a hit with industry veterans and newcomers alike.

Now, as expected, it looks like Sakurai’s videos are already being used in game development lectures. In itself, this is not particularly surprising, but we must admit that we did not quite expect them to appear. just for now. The artist was the first to share @JokarioArt by using Machine; a man is sitting in a game making class, during which the lecturer continues to show one of Sakurai’s videos – a video about making realistic trees, if you want to know!

It should be noted that the video was probably used to engage the listeners in the chosen topic of the lecture, as the student notes that only five minutes of a two-hour and forty-five minute session were spent on the video. . However, it’s pretty cool that Sakurai’s videos are actually being used in academia!

Sakurai recently celebrated gaining over 700,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and most recently managed to break the 1,000,000 subscriber barrier on Twitter; he’s really popular, right?

Are you surprised that Sakurai’s videos are already being used in game development lectures? Have you observed them yourself? Let us know!

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