Random: Fixed Mickey Mouse’s killer eyes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image: Nintendo Life/Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is harmless, beautiful Disney-approved entertainment, right? Well… if the game’s iteration of Mickey Mouse didn’t scare you half to death. For weeks, players have been worried about the eyes of the iconic mouse.

Sounds simple, but if you see it in action, you might be a little outraged. Basically, Mickey’s eyes are drawn incorrectly, which means he always looks like he’s… looking, in a special way. Like he wants to kill you or something. Except that with the release of the Scar Kingdom update, his eyes were fixed. Ugh.

In case you missed those sinister black eyes piercing your soul, Twitter user. chvistofer compares meeting the mouse mascot for the first time to a “horror game” in a rather obscene clip (so be careful if you click on it).

Others like GCshared a bizarre selfie with Mickey, and his right eye certainly gives us the creeps. As well as Kotaku even took part in the action by sharing some disturbing mouse encounters.

But alas, Mickey’s empty, dead look is no longer in the game, which is fixed by a big old update. sigh. Well, Mickey’s dying look will always live on in our hearts and memories. Although, perhaps we should be grateful – now the inhabitants of the Valley of Dreams will at least feel more secure!

Oh boy, are you sad to say goodbye to Mickey’s killer eyes? Let us know at the usual place!

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