Random: Fire Emblem Engage Lead VA struggled to buy a special copy of the game

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Fire Emblem Engage has been around for a week now, and it’s fair to say that we liked it (after all, it got a 9/10 in our review). While many of us who like to have our games in boxes found no problem getting a physical edition, it looks like the popular demand for the title meant that not everyone was so lucky, including the game. Lead actor’s voice.

Brandon McInnis voices the male version of Alear (“Divine Dragon”) in Engage. If you’ve already played the game, or actually watched any of the huge pile of promotions that have been in the run up to its release, then you’ll know what it is. pretty big part. The biggest part (if you’re playing with a male protagonist) is actually. However, the actor recently took to Twitter to share his struggles in getting a special ‘Divine Edition’ of the game as it nears its release date.

As explained in the thread above, McInnis’s special edition was pre-ordered from the local GameStop, but due to supply issues, the store had fewer copies than advertised. This meant that the pre-orders of many eager Engagers were canceled at the last barrier. including those who worked on the game, it seems.

Of course, the role of an actor in a game should give him no more privileges in the pre-order race than anyone else. McInnis went on to explain in his answers that he didn’t pull out “Do you know who I am?” card at all times and remained polite and respectful to staff during what should have been a difficult customer exchange period (nice move Brandon)!

Fortunately, this is a story with a happy ending. While VA did need to get a digital version of the game to start playing as quickly as possible, he was eventually able to find his prized Divine Edition from an eBay seller (all’s well that ends well, hey). In many cases, this may seem like a fair amount of work – after all, the game is fantastic in all its forms – but in this case, we have to agree with Alear himself. This Divine Edition is really beautiful!

All this to say, getting your hands on a limited edition physical copy will never be easy, even if you’re the star of the game!

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