Random: Fast RMX Dev Shin’en Multimedia would like a ‘new’ Wave Race game on Switch

Image: Nintendo

Tomorrow Wave Race 64 will make a splash on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, and as much as we love this N64 classic, a brand new entry would be welcome.

It appears that not only fans of the series would like to see a more serious return of Wave Race – the developers of Fast RMX, Art of Balance and The Touryst Shin’en Multimedia are also calling for a “new” Wave Race game on Switch. The German company’s Twitter account even suggested a “modern remix”, calling N64 one of the best games of all time:

@ShinenGames responds to @NintendoUK: “Wave Race 64! One of the best games of all time. We’d love to play the new Wave Race on Switch. Perhaps something like a modern ReMiX.”

Unsurprisingly, this answer was enough to make Nintendo and Wave Race fans think. Some even thought that the idea of ​​”remixing” the GameCube and Nintendo 64 game might be a good idea.

Wave Race has always been known as sort of a visual showcase for Nintendo hardware, and Shin’en (as many of its fans have pointed out) has a history of delivering impressive graphics on Nintendo systems with games like Fast RMX and The Touryst. So this could be a marriage made in heavenassuming it’s not some teasing thing anymore… it’s probably not).

Of course, another Nintendo series that we’re sure would be a perfect fit for this developer is F-Zero. The N64 entry was just recently added to Switch Online, but we haven’t seen a new entry in a very long time. How about giving this team a shot, Nintendo?

Will you be checking out Wave Race 64 when it hits the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service tomorrow? Would you like a developer like Shin’en Multimedia to get a chance to release a series like Wave Race or F-Zero? Leave a comment below.

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