Random: Fan-made Resident Evil 4 DEmake brings tons of nostalgia

Image: Capcom

Last month, the internet was blown away by the news that Capcom’s legendary Resident Evil 4 was getting a remake.after a few leaks, mind!) with an amazing RE Engine. Sadly, this particular game won’t be coming to Switch (although we’re still optimistic about what the console successor will bring), so unfortunately we won’t see the likes of Ramon Salazar in the great next-gen graphics on the Nintendo system. . But we will keep on dreaming!

However, one fan on Twitter went in the exact opposite direction, starting work on Resident Evil 4 “DEmake”, actually taking the characters and environments from the fourth main installment and bringing the visuals in line with Resident Evil 2’s static camera angles and animated loading screen, in The resulting presentation is incredibly convincing! The area in question looks like an underpass that immediately precedes the first cinematic encounter with Bithores “Big Cheese” Mendez.

At the very least, it makes us wish Capcom would bring the classic trilogy (and Code Veronica) to the switch. Recently, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut was added to PS Plus Premium, allowing you to play the classic PS1 game natively on PS5 consoles. If they can get it, then why can’t we Capcom?!

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You can, of course, play the original Resident Evil 4 on Switch with beautiful HD graphics and all the extra expansions included, but as the lovely Alex pointed out in the video below, something very important is missing from this particular version.

What do you think about RE4 DEmake? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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