Random: Devolver Cheekily Prods Sega Due To Sonic Origins Pre-Orders

Image: Sega

Ahhh, you can always count on Devolver Digital to take the bull by the horns and have some fun in any situation. And this time Sega became the butt of jokes.

Earlier this week, Sega’s highly anticipated Sonic compilation, Sonic Origins, received an official release date of June 23 after several days of leaks. And while some people were thrilled, it was hard to ignore the confusing pre-order table that Sega created for the collection. Luckily, we have a handy little guide that will walk you through all of this, but we also want to know what you think of this odd move from Sega:

However, imagine if you didn’t have it. Many people wonder why a collection of old Sonic games needs a bunch of extras. Surely we just want to play the best versions of the classic five with tons of quality life features and everything that is available without paywalls?

Well, let Devolver take the opportunity to play a prank on Sega over the pre-order table for Sonic Origins. In a rather amusing move, the publisher used this opportunity to promote one of their own games – Trek to Yomi.

When things like bonus animations and mailbox backgrounds aren’t available for pre-orders (or available as early access bonuses if you pre-order special editions), it’s hard not to laugh when Devolver puts “Full Credits at the End” and “Wonderful soundtrack” on their own fake chart. Can you imagine if a developer locks the end credits behind a paywall? Although there are many games where the “true ending” requires you to go ahead and pay for additional DLC.

Our friends in Eurogamer contacted Sega about pre-order bonuses. Given the amount of backlash and confusion this has caused, Sega may need to rethink the situation. But at least Devolver made us laugh a little about it.

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