Random: Could Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom be the final part of the Zelda Games trilogy?

Image: Nintendo Life

We here at NL love a good tangle of theories, especially when it comes to the Zelda series – a story so convoluted that even its creators don’t really understand what it all means.

So, this latest theory has intrigued us – the idea that Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, and Tears of the Kingdom form a trilogy of Triforce games, each representing one of the three Triforce virtues: Strength, Wisdom, and Courage. .

We’ve already gone all-in on the idea that the three virtues are represented by three tribes. Yiga, Sheika and Zonaias well as this video is Naidinfar claims that these three games are also the same.

Skyward Sword, with its origin story of Demis and Ganon and its red and black color themes, represents the Force. The breath of the wild, which features the technologically advanced (and blue) Sheika tribe with their Sheika slab, shrines, guardians and towers, represents Wisdom. So it goes without saying that Tears of the Kingdom, with its turquoise green color palette and hints of Zonai, represents Courage.

This theory is reinforced by the three shrines of Strength, Wisdom, and Courage in Breath of the Wild, all of which allude to this theme.

Spring of Power in Akkala is a recreation of the source from Skyward Sword, tying the two games together. The Well of Wisdom is surrounded by Malevolence and the dragon Naidra is imprisoned by Ganon’s dark aura, which ties him to BOTW themes. The Source of Courage, on the other hand, is in the ruins of Zonai, surrounded by Zonai architecture and dragon statues.

You can learn more about what Zonai and Shake’s hints mean in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom in our trailers and theory specs:

What do you think? Is Tears of the Kingdom the missing piece of the Triforce puzzle, or are we just going a little crazy with speculation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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