Random: Classic Kirby gets bigger with this irresistible 30s plush

Image: Sanya Trading

Did you know Kirby is turning 30 soon? The 30th anniversary of the pink down jacket falls on April 27, when Kirby’s Dream Land was first released in Japan in 1992. It wasn’t pink back then due to a misunderstanding and lack of color in the Game Boy, but we know the truth, Nintendo.

There are many celebrations planned for Kirby following the release of his first 3D adventure, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, including a concert this August. However, we have the best kind of holiday to talk about today: giant plush toys.

You can try to convince us all you want, but big plush toys are the best product. They are big, responsible and always ready to help if you had a good or bad day. And look at this giant classic Kirby, styled in the style of his 1992 debut, with black eyes, black cheek stripes, and more pointed arms and legs.

You can hug him. He is the size of a friend. He is beautiful. He is perfect. And you can remove the Star Rod, which has a small, modern-day Kirby on top! We could go on and on, but instead, let’s admire him for a moment.

Pre-orders for this big boy are open today, and you can purchase them from the Japanese toy store. Yamashiroya, as well as a host of other gifts for Kirby’s anniversary. If this is not an option, you can also pre-order it from Amazon Japan, although it is not available here at the time of this writing. It’s not fair! Luckily, you can also get one of Mechcha Japan. This huge Kirby stands 33,000 yenwhat’s around 260 dollars. Creepes! It’s worth it though, right?

Do you have any amazing Kirby merchandise? Will you try to get your hands on this huge plush? Let us know.

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