Random: Chris Pratt as Mario in the Unreal Engine Super Mario Bros. Remake.

If Chris Pratt voicing Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animation isn’t enough, “longtime Nintendo fan” and aspiring Unreal Engine user is reimagining Super Mario Bros. for NES as a realistic game with the main characters. Mario’s new voice.

Yes, Chris Pratt is now even infiltrating the games in this new fan creation. The first trailer (above) has been released showing the first major update to the project. It has “greatly improved likeness”, new levels, “real gameplay”, coin collection, power-ups and everything else you would expect from a Mario game. There are even warp zones, but they have not yet been activated.

The creator also plans to insert Jack Black as Bowser. At the moment, there is only a placeholder block instead, but it will “probably” be in the next update. Here’s a little more about this project from the creator and YouTube channel Games reimagined:

“I’m making a realistic remake of Super Mario Brothers with Chris Pratt as Mario! This is a gameplay preview of the first four levels.

“I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan and I’m very excited about Illumination and Nintendo’s animated Super Mario Movie! So I decided to do something like a fan project while we are all waiting for the trailer. But then I started to wonder what it would be like if Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black and Keegan-Michael Key were actually these characters in a realistic mushroom kingdom. why i’m trying to make this game. With zero game development experience, I’m learning an unrealistic engine from the ground up and picking up any other skills I can along the way to make this legitimately great action game!”

And here are additional gameplay footage if you haven’t seen enough yet:

If you’re looking for a more authentic Mario experience, a Super Mario Maker 2 player recently created an unofficial Super Mario Bros. 5″, which includes 40 levels in 8 worlds. You can read more in our previous story.

What do you think of this latest Super Mario creation by Chris Pratt? Tell us below.

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