Random: Bridgerton, Dungeons & Dragons star Rare-Jean Page is a Chrono Trigger fan

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Now is a great time for movies about video and board games. The Tetris movie just aired on Apple TV+. Movie Super Mario Bros. out next week and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves in theaters today. And it turns out that one of the film’s stars, Rare-Jean Page, is a pretty big fan of RPGs, especially the SNES era.

@BreathofFire_A fan account for Capcom’s underrated RPG series that debuted on the SNES shared an excerpt from an interview with JoBlo Celebrity Interviews on YouTube. In the video, Page is asked if he likes board games. And the answer shows that while it’s not true, the actor grew up playing classic role-playing games.

“So I saw the Penny Arcade campaign –Acquisitions Inc.‘ campaign. For a while as a child, I played JRPGs, so I played last fantasy, Chrono trigger, and Breath of Fire. So I played in that area and then I was able to blend into the world pretty quickly.”

Wow, these are, of course, nominal drops. Two titans of the era and now undeservedly niche Breath of Fire. We all know that gaming is a fairly common hobby these days, but it’s always very interesting to know what kind of games people like. After all, RPG and DND go hand in hand.

However, we have one question – how could Page play these games? Although all three were released for the NES or SNES, none of them made it to the UK before their respective ports (PS1, DS and GBA). Page does not specify which Final Fantasy he played, so it could very well be Final Fantasy VII, or he may have played any of those ports. Or, you know, using other methods.

Rarely-Jean Page plays a paladin known as Xenk Yendar in the film, but he’s probably best known for getting fans hot under the collar in Netflix’s first season. Bridgerton as Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings. Perhaps his image as a paladin is based on the noble swordsman Frog?

We recommend watching all interviews (below with a timestamp to Page’s question) as the entire cast shares interesting thoughts on the film and their thoughts on DND. But thanks @BreathofFire_ for sharing this!

Interestingly, Page isn’t the only cast member of the Bridgerton series to have ties to video games. Although not affiliated with Nintendo, Jonathan Bailey plays Lord Anthony Bridgerton in a historical fantasy novel. Final Fantasy XIV from Petrel extension forward.

Returning to Dungeons & Dragons, Justice Smith (who plays the sorcerer Simon Omar) is probably best known for playing Tim Goodman in Detective Pikachu. There are a lot of connections to video games here. These are just a couple we can get out of our heads.

Are you happy to hear that someone mentions Breath of Fire and Chrono Trigger in an interview? Let us know about it in the comments.

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