Random: Blindfolded Speedrunner Sets New Mike Tyson Punching Record!!

We’ve seen some pretty impressive speed runs in our time, but this one is for the history books.

While many speedrunners use glitches and usually try to break the game in order to achieve their goals, the YouTube and Twitch streamer’Summoning salt‘ chose pure skill to set a world record for completion Mike Tyson kick!! — oh, and he did it all the time too blindfolded.

19:41.75, this is what you really have to see to believe. It’s also not exactly a perfect move, as Summoning Salt hits the deck during the final fight with Mike Tyson himself, so it’s entirely possible that an even faster time is possible.

Did it inspire you to start your own blindfold speedrun? Is there any other game you think you could play without seeing the screen? Let us know about it in the comments!

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