Random: Beta footage from the canceled Kirby N64 Racer slithers across the internet

Beta frames can often be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can see the origins of some of your favorite games – with worse graphics and mechanics to boot – but on the other hand, you get a sense of delayed loss from time to time, especially when watching footage from a game that never saw the light of day. . day.

We are currently in the stage of something like this after watching GameXplainlast video (thanks, Go Nintendo for heads-up), which breaks footage from the Japanese promotional video for the Super Mario 64 soundtrack – pfftlike those sausages needed a promotion. Apart from some preview footage of Mario, the advertisement also contains a small number of clips from the canceled Air flight Kirby game on N64. Some of this footage has surfaced online in the past, although the higher quality of this video does give us a glimpse of what a puffball racer on console could be like.

Of course, Kirby’s Air Ride was later released on the GameCube (dropping the “s” for the ultimately less proprietary title, Kirby Air Ride), although the footage shown in the GameXplain breakdown shows what the game would have looked like with the reduced N64 graphics. potential.

Apart from these obvious visual differences, a small amount of footage also hints that the game mechanics for the N64 may have been a notable difference from what we saw in the released version. The gameplay in this beta video seems to be more like racing downhill than the final Mario Kart-style GameCube experience. Notice how Kirby and King Dedede slide around standing up on their warp stars instead of sitting down? Quite a cheeky dude!

Promotional video (originally posted on YouTube by user Tank covers) also contains footage of the five-rider version of Wave Race 64 (a Switch port we currently can’t get enough of), tentatively named “Mario Kart R”, which would become Mario Kart 64, with the original item sprites and character icons in place of their released version, as well as original footage from GoldenEye 007 and Blast Corps. While some of this footage may not be new to us, we will never miss a chance to see some unreleased mechanics, especially if they are related to SSX-Kirby.

What do you think of these Kirby shots? Get out of full mouth mode and let us know in the comments!

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