Random: AGDQ Pokémon Crystal Speedrun Race Ends With Written Apology To Bulbasaur

Awesome Games Done Quick, an annual high-speed stream, is currently streaming on Twitch. They are even going to raise over $ 3 million – perhaps even approaching a 2020 record of $ 3.13 million – for the Cancer Prevention Fund.

We’ve already seen the speedruns Mega Man 2, Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, but perhaps the highlight today could be the three-player Pokémon Crystal race, which also launching the randomizer of key elements.

What does it mean? Well, kazaron, machinations, and 360chrism everyone tried to beat the game (the main requirement was to defeat Red), but with all the key items (such as the bike, fishing rods and the SS ticket), everything was shuffled. It does it enough it is difficult to complete the game in order because certain key items will be required to access multiple locations.


When the run was about two-thirds of the way, shenanigans took the lead in sports badges, but then he made the mistake of scolding Bulbasaur, because apparently choosing Bulbasaur as the starting point makes your speedrun significantly slower than the other two. snacks. “If we reach $ 900 thousand. [during the run]I’ll write a written apology, ”he said, and the AGDQ staff added this as a milestone.

An hour later, Keyzaron won the race, beating the game in 2 hours 12 minutes and 39 seconds. 360chrism came in second with a time of 2:17:04 and then … well, then chat came in third, hitting the $ 900K milestone before the shenanigans could finish, making it fourth in the three-player race. Ouch.

So now he must apologize to Bulbasaur. On a letter. It serves him right!

Tune in to AGDQ (and don’t forget to donate!) to see some of the best speedruns and comments in the business.

What speed passes did you like? Let us know in the comments!

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