Quirky rhythm game ‘Jack Jeanne’ gets long-awaited Western localization

Jack Genie — a visual novel and rhythm game starring Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida — is finally getting an English and Chinese localization after publisher Broccoli first showed interest in the idea back in 2019.

In a Twitter announcement, the publisher confirmed that while the game’s voice acting and songs will remain in Japanese, English and Chinese lyrics will be added to the game to broaden its reach for new users.

The game stars Kisa Tachibana, a young woman who enters a boys’ school in disguise. With rhythmic gameplay and numerous musical numbers, you’ll need to help Kise reach fame while maintaining her disguise.

A release date has not been set at this time, but since the game is already out in Japan, we can’t imagine its launch being too far away.

Are you interested in Jack Jeanne now that it’s localized? Let us know about it in the comments!

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