Quick Beats: Composer & Solo Developer “The Garden Path” Explains Arcade Fire and Young Thug

Image: Louis Durrant

At the Nintendo Life Video Game Music Festival, we reach out to a range of composers and musicians, offering both in-depth interviews and shorter, harsh (and maybe a little silly) Q&A where we ask just ten quick personal questions; we call these shorter features “Quick Beats”.

Today we’ll talk to Louis Durrant, solo developer, illustrator and composer for the upcoming game The Garden Path, which recently completed his Kickstarter… We’ve already interviewed Louis about what it’s like to spin so many cymbals and how we got inspiration from Final Fantasy and Hollow Knight, so now it’s time to find answers to some less serious questions …

Which song or album did you buy first?

Arcade Fire’s’Suburbs‘.

What kind of music did you listen to the last time?

Young Thug’s Tiny Table

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