PSA: Some players are reporting “sticky balls” on Nintendo Switch Sports

Image: Nintendo

Sticky balls and sports are incompatible, especially when it comes to bowling. We’re trying to serve the ball and hit it, not let the ball stick to us!

Unfortunately, some Nintendo Switch Sports players are reporting exactly this issue. One such player @MCwreckshin, tweeted directly about Nintendo’s problems. By the looks of it, this only happened after the recent summer update, and MCwreckshin has put together footage of all the times this has happened to them.

As you can see from the video, almost every time the player goes to serve the ball, it stubbornly sticks to the avatar’s hand. Sometimes, after a few times, they manage to knock him out. Other times, it falls straight to the floor – thankfully, no toes!

MCwreckshin is not the only player to report this. On Reddit, the same person – under the login pigtoadmusic – Created a thread on Nintendo Switch Sports. subredditand others report similar problems.

one user, Scole75says a bowling ball seems to get stuck “when trying to throw something in a curve” and another says BoomerTheStar47_2 – seems to have found that this glitch only happens when playing bowling online.

sweeneytoadmusic has since tested this offline and while they’ve run into the issue a lot less frequently, they’ve still run into the same sticky ball issue.

And, by a strange coincidence, another user has a completely opposite problem – the ball not want to stick, instead leaving the player’s hand before they get a chance to move.

Nintendo has yet to address this issue, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it if you’re a regular bowler on the internet. After all, no one needs sticky balls.

Have you experienced this issue at all or any other crashes with Nintendo Switch Sports? Let us know!

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