PSA: Remember to upgrade your Joy-Con, just like your Nintendo Switch


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Nintendo has released Version 12.1.0 for the Switch and as you may have already heard, it allows you to erase old data from software to download new data. This update also comes with a slew of stability improvements.

After that update is going live, users have also noticed that a new update has been issued for the Joy-Con Switch controls. As usual, Nintendo hasn’t said what exactly it does.

Here’s how you can do this upgrade:


How to upgrade your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

1) From the Home menu, select ‘System Settings’. Then select ‘Controllers and Sensors’ on the left side.

2) Scroll down to ‘Update Controllers’, press, and let the console do its thing.

Have you completed this update? Have you noticed any changes in your Joy-Con? Tell us below.


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