PS5 and Xbox shortage will last until 2023

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Image: Intel / Kotaku

Bad news for people trying to get a new console like the PS5 or a fancy, more powerful graphics card for their aging PC. The ongoing semiconductor shortage will make it difficult to find and buy new electronics in 2023, Intel said.

As noted VGC, in an interview with CNBC published on October 21stIntel CEO Pat Gelsinger explained that there is good news and the situation will gradually improve. However, it may take several years before the supply and production problems of GPUs and CPUs are fully resolved.

“We are in the worst position right now,” explained Gelsinger.EIn the very quarter of next year, we will gradually improve, but they will not have a balance of supply and demand until 2023.

This is the final prediction what ongoing chip shortage and production problems will last until 2023 – the picture is worse than Comments from Xbox CEO Phil Spencer earlier this month

He believed that the ongoing lack of supply and huge demand for console laptops, CPUs and GPUs are not entirely to blame solely on semiconductors. shortage, telling Wrapper what is “several a kind of pinch point “in the process manufacturing and shipping high-end electronics such as the Xbox Series X / S.

He ultimately predicted it would last until 2022, but did not say specifically if it would be 2023. see the same problems and shortages Proceed. Intel’s CEO appears to have darker prospects for the next two years.

Almost a year after the first release of Intel’s next generation consoles and Spencer comments are just more evidence that things won’t get better anytime soon

Ongoing and disappointing Problems caused by a global shortage of microcircuits, problems with covid-19, very much High demand, annoying and shitty resellers, crypto miners and delivery– capture bots teamed up to create the perfect and terrible storm, which means that most players still can’t find next gen consoles or new GPUs on Amazon or store shelves… Even trying to buy old console, like PS4, it becomes almost impossible for some

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