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It’s a new year, but we still have time to take one last look at 2022 to visit your Share of the Year moments. Here are the epic events of this year:

Justinphotomode – shares Aloy framed by the wings of a car in Horizon Forbidden West.

__Auron__ shares a close-up of a Stray cat with a neon reflection in his eye.

i3ecci_ shares Batgirl posing in front of a red light at Gotham Knights.

Chosen Void shared by Ellie enjoying a butterfly in The Last of Us Part I.

non-minemic shares Akito surrounded by red glowing orbs in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Tabineko_55 – says the cat from “The Tramp”, passing by the gutter.

Kylem21 – says Aloy, sitting in the green zone of Horizon Forbidden West.

toko_luke95 separates Kratos and Freya in the heat of battle in God of War Ragnarok.

m_nt_13 Jacob shares, staring into the darkness of the Callisto Protocol.

entry_photo says Jin, who has his back to a blooming flower in Ghost of Tsushima.

Default368 shares a car moving through a busy city in Gran Turismo 7.

PlaystationSna1 shares Atreus drawing his bow in God of War Ragnarok.

calisara 1998 says Aloy jumping over a billowing wave in Horizon Forbidden West.

Morph__1 talks about how someone applies lip gloss in Cyberpunk 2077.

Vman_95 shows the player raising their hands to the Erd tree in Elden Ring.

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