Project_Hel for Ghostrunner pushed back to March

The upcoming Project_Hel DLC for the cyberpunk parkour game Ghostrunner was due out on January 27th. The team announced today that it needs to be delayed until March 3 due to the need to focus on the “health and safety” of the team and make “useful improvements”.

While we can only speculate as to the reasons for the delay, the focus on “health and safety” is often shorthand for avoiding crunch, a controversial topic where game studios force their employees to work overtime and on weekends to finish a game on time, often resulting in to emotional burnout, deterioration in mental health, and even to the dismissal of employees for not agreeing to crunch in the first place.

The crunch – and its negative effects – has been documented at many major studios, from Metroid Prime’s Retro Studios to Fortnite’s Epic, so apparently All In Games is delaying the Ghostrunner DLC so they don’t have to crunch to meet the January deadline.

Project_Hel invites players to take on the role of Hel, one of the game’s bosses, in a more combat-oriented approach to parkour gameplay. With six new new tracks, new enemies, new bosses, and Hel’s own skill progression system, the developers describe it as a “full blown Ghostrunner experience”.

Have you been looking forward to the Ghostrunner DLC? How do you feel about game developer crunches? Let us know about it in the comments!

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