Producer Famicom Detective Club Remake Would Like To Make A New Game In The Series

Last month saw the launch of Club Detective Famicom: The missing heir and Famicom Detective Club: The girl standing behind you, remake of two titles that had previously been exclusive to Japan for three full decades. Developed by MAGES, the games seem to have gone pretty well with those who decided to take them back, and we certainly do. they liked it enough when they played for review to advise them to all who might be interested.

So, will these two remakes start a complete renaissance for the series? Well, in a recent interview with Famitsu, Makes Asada of MAGES remarked that he would be ready to make a new game in case the gods of Nintendo allowed it. The producer of the remakes talks about the technology and know-how of the development that went into these two games, and how this could be used for something new.

Here is a translation of Asada’s comments from Nintendo Everything:

“Our goal for the project was to create the top 2D text adventure games, so we actually used development techniques originally planned for other games as well. Thanks to Nintendo and its development team, we did the best we could. game that we could possibly do, but looking back, we were pretty reckless.How do we ever do something so good? Famicom Detective Club. “

We imagine that a new game from Famicom Detective Club would go down quite well with those who liked the originals, and with Switch becoming something of a a land of wonders for visual novels, would certainly be a suitable place to launch such a game.

Would you be interested in a new entry in this series? Have you checked out The Missing Heir or The Girl Behind You? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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