Pro poker cheating scandal Chip stealing team’s latest twist

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Like a fuss following accusations of cheating poker player Robbie Jade Lew somehow still a rumble, an investigation into the casino where the game took place revealed that an employee was digging through Lew’s stack when the hype went down. He took $15,000 before he was caught.

To remind you of the previous story, during a live streaming of a high-stakes Texas hold ’em cash game, pro Garrett Adelstein accused Robbie Jade Lew of cheating after the latter played an extremely weak hand in a very peculiar way for a whopping $269,000. . The accusation didn’t make much sense considering that if Liu was cheating, almost all the information she could get would cause her to throw away her cards rather than keep calling with them. In any case, Lew returned the money after claiming that Adelstein “put me in a corner and threatened me” (which Adelstein denies) and the streaming company launched a full investigation.

According to a statement released by High Stakes Poker Productions, a company that streams games from the Hustler casino in Vegas, they have “put together a team of experts” from Bulletproof Gaming Laboratory International for their investigation, which will include an audit of their technology and security. At the same time, they hired the law firm Sheppard Mullin to help them with this.

“The investigation will seek to determine: 1) whether there is evidence that any players have used any compromising technology in our streamed games; and 2) how secure our system and protocols are.”

The production company then promises to immediately fix anything found to be insufficient and that the entire investigation will be “transparent”. That’s why he then reports some unusual news that they have already found: a completely different crime that happened at the same time.

While watching video of the infamous poker hand, the High Stake Investigation Team noticed that their employee was “removing chips from Robbie’s stack after the broadcast ended and while Robbie was not at the table.”

The man involved, Brian Sagbigsal, has since admitted to taking $15,000 worth of chips from Lew’s stack. He was then immediately fired, and the company reported this to Lew and the Gardena police.

However, at the time it was announced that Lew had decided not to press charges, this meant that the police had said they would not prosecute.

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Liu has since changed her stance on bringing charges.. She tweeted over the weekend made a statement explaining that at the time she was called by the detectives, she needed to “make a decision in a fraction of a minute”, and she based her choice on learning that he had no “priorities”. However, Lew says that since then “I’ve received new information that made me change my mind” and that she plans to continue investigating the incident on Monday (today). She concludes

“In the meantime, I will try to take a much-needed two-day mental health break. Have fun in my absence. If there’s an emergency, don’t call me.”

As for the cheating allegations, which Lew denied (in many confusing, sometimes contradictory ways), the reason the investigation has to be so thorough is that the situation is quite peculiar. Adelstein had a draw for both flushes. as well as straight, even with the potential of both, while Lew just had an overcard. Adelstein had so many outs that he was 70 to 30 on the flop and had a 53 percent chance of winning on the turn. Lew was, for all intents and purposes, dead.

In order for Lew to get any useful information in a hand in which, despite her best hole cards, she was still behind in the draw, she had to get either inaccurate information that makes her think she was ahead, or incredibly primitive information that only told her that her hand while was the best. And, oddly enough, to learn primitive information, the most sophisticated deception would be required.

All of the most obvious methods of cheating in such circumstances required someone else to know what cards were in Adelstein’s hand. There are two real ways to find out. Have a friend who just dives and then relays the information to Lew, in which case she must have known to fold because she was behind. Or somehow hack the RFID information in the cards, and then use that data to send some kind of signal that could, say, buzz something in her pocket if she had the best hand. In this case, it would be an incredibly complex setup, used in the most bizarre ways.

Or, you know, she just gambled for a huge amount of money in a very weird way, and she got lucky. There seems to be a good chance, with such careful investigation, to find out whether at least the more bizarre possibilities will be ruled out.

Meanwhile, high stakes offered to repay Robbie Jade Liu money that was stolen from her, although it was not clear if she accepted it. (We asked.)

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