Pre-order Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Amazon UK to Get SteelBook and Poké Ball Replica

If you’d like to pre-order Pokémon Legends: Arceus ahead of the game’s upcoming release, you might want to consider this new bundle from Amazon UK.

The retailer has updated their list of the game to include the SteelBook case and a special copy of the Poké Ball, based on the vintage ball design seen in the game. The ball is listed as a “Poké Ball Cartridge,” and while it probably (definitely) won’t fit in your Switch’s cart slot, we’re guessing this means it can be used as a cartridge holder.

It’s available at the standard retail price of £ 49.99 and can be obtained below.

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Several other pre-order options are also available, including a copy of the game without any extra goodies for a slightly cheaper price, or a similar set that includes a SteelBook and an Arceus figurine. You can view it all right here.

The game will be released on January 28, 2022. Will you have a pre-order?

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