Poll: What’s your share of the DLC roster when Sora joins Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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After the madness around the final character, uncover on Super Smash Bros. UltimateWe’re now at the finish line before Sora comes out and concludes DLC and updates for the iconic platform fighter. This is a big deal for those who have devoted a lot of time and, indeed, Money into the game, while otherwise it’s a bit of a problem whether it’s worth dropping money on the Kingdom Hearts hero.

On the one hand, this scribe was playing a game many in the first 3-4 months after release, but dropped as online play could sometimes be quite slow, and probably the biggest reason that most players were too good… Practice makes perfect, yeah – scoundrel and all that – but after a few dozen hours and a lot of fun, it’s time to play other games. It was a great buy and a nice piece of the collection, but I had no personal motivation to come back, even when there were numerous passes and extras.

On the other hand, Smash Bros. remains an important part of the weekly game schedule for many players. We have NL team members who play many lunch hours, and the excitement around the character shows that each new addition attracts a large and impatient audience. And why not? Smash Bros. remains an extremely enjoyable game whether you are a relaxed spamming player or a well-trained and experienced fighter.

If you’ve been all-in on the Smash Bros. DLC, you may have spent a significant chunk of its retail price again, especially if you dived into Mii Costumes. As for the main content, two fighter passes for 11 characters and their scenes / music were combined; there was many

So what kind of Smash Bros. player are you? Have you dropped like this scribe or have been following the game and DLC updates for the last couple of years? Let us know in the polls and comments below!

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