Poll: Is it just us, or is this Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer a little confusing?

Image: Nintendo Life

After being fed Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for the past few months, ScarVi’s newest trailer (yes, that’s what we call it, sometimes in our best pirate voice) was released today and promised to be complete. new information that will help us level up and prepare for the exploration of Paldea.

While that’s certainly a lot, we couldn’t help but feel like we were watching a person speak with their mouth full for three minutes. We ended the trailer feeling a little smaller. BUT! and a little more Eh?

We think it’s fair to say that a lot of it depended on how the trailer was edited. Come on, whose idea was it to put these dialog boxes so big on the screen for such a short time? Even the quickest readers among us struggled to keep up with the flow of information.

This conveniently transitions to the second editing issue we had with regards to the amount of information provided to us without being able to Taste It. The three-way structure of Scarlet and Violet did look very interesting, but it became difficult to keep these new ideas in mind as the trailer rushed to the next point.

Short and fast is better than bloated and boring, of course, but we would appreciate small more time to assimilate the information here. Our thought process, desperate to keep up with all the new parts, was exhausted by the speed at which they were delivered. Oooh, stories! Okay, Victory Road is still here. Wait, who’s that big crab boy? Can you send your Pokémon now? Okay, really big crab boy. Buddy team on cars. Mega man? Was it the whip on his belt? Oooh sparkling diamonds!

To be clear, we’re not saying these features don’t look great – there’s a lot to be excited about here – but it took a significant amount of additional research to get to the point where we now feel like we’ve got to cling to what’s happening. But doesn’t that contradict the point of the trailer?

But hey, don’t just take it from us. Maybe we got too distracted by the big crab boy. Perhaps the novelty of Pokémon riding hasn’t outlived us yet. What do you think of the latest games trailer? Great review or too fast (ashes) for your taste? Cast your vote in the poll below and let’s find out if this trailer is really confusing or if it’s just us!

After you cast your vote, why not share your thoughts on the new trailer in the comments? What are you glad about that passed you by? Let it all below.

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