Poll: Do You Think Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Will Really Come Out In 2022?

Image: Nintendo

We may still be saying “Happy New Year” to the people we meet, but January is already far away, and when we look at the upcoming list of Switch games, we have to say that it looks especially delicious. That said, as Pokémon and Kirby evolve, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 that is likely to make Switch owners drool over the next 365 days of gaming. Yes, 2022 is the year we’ll skydive into one of the most anticipated sequels in video game history.

But is it? The game has been in development for almost five years now, and Nintendo pointed out the ‘2022’ release window in the latest trailer back at E3 2021, but how confident are we that BOTW2 – as we still cumbersomely call it – will actually see the light this year?

Opinions are divided here at Team NL. Some of us think a lucrative November launch is not possible to clean up the holiday season, and we would certainly love to dive into a new Zelda adventure during the holiday break. Even with the current global difficulties, Nintendo would not announce a date without being confident that it could meet it.

On the other hand, we can also see the game move into 2023 – especially in the first three months of Nintendo’s fiscal year. If the production issues weren’t the same as they are now, you might as well invest in launching the game alongside the new Switch SKU, but given the supply pressure in the industry right now, that’s certainly less likely.

Zelda BOTV2
Image: Nintendo

It’s hard to speculate given how little we know about the game. On the one hand, BOTW 2 builds on the established world, characters and – presumably – the game engine of its predecessor. On the other hand, the glimpses of this sequel we’ve seen so far point to an ambitious game that could very easily eat up additional months of development at the best of times, not to mention a pandemic that undoubtedly influenced development. timetable.

But what your intuition this time? Are we really going back to Hyrule in calendar year 2022 if you see it running out of stamina and sliding downhill, ready to recharge for a 2023 launch? Let us know in the poll below and feel free to clarify in the comments:

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