Pokémon’s collectible card game postponed until 2022

Back in September, The Pokémon Company revealed Live Pokémon Trading Card Game – a new application that should have appeared sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, plans seem to have changed a bit, as with many other games released over the past week, TPC made a tough decision: postpone the game until 2022to offer a more refined experience. This will apply to the software launch for mobile devices as well as the open beta for PC.

“To give trainers a better experience, the software launch of the mobile version of Pokémon TCG Live in Canada and the global desktop open beta have been pushed back to 2022. We will soon announce the timing of both this testing period and the full launch of the Pokémon Live CCG.

“Additionally, some of you may have recently received Pokémon TCG Live codecards as part of certain Pokémon TCG products. While Pokémon TCG Live is currently not available, please be aware that these cards can still be used in Pokémon TCG Online. ”

When the new game launches, existing TGC Online players will be able to transfer their data the first time they log into the new app. This includes the transfer of most cards, but not necessarily all of them – unopened packages will also be converted to crystals (in-game currency). Codecards have been confirmed to be compatible with TCG Live, although some of these codes may open “different items” in the new app.

And, as noted earlier, the old app will be removed and the servers will be shut down “shortly before launching” the new game.

When we know more details about the new release date, we’ll be sure to let you know. Will you be trying out this new digital TCG version when it comes out? Comment below.

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