Pokémon Unite Launches Next Month on Switch, But Mobile Players Should Wait


The Pokémon Company has shared a lot of new details on it Pokémon Unite, confirming that the game will be launched on Nintendo Switch next month.

Mobile gamers will have to wait a little longer – the game touches Switch first in July, followed by a mobile launch in September – but will be free to start on both platforms and the cross-platform game is “planned”. A new trailer has been released to give it a new look, so be sure to watch it above.

UNITE takes place on the island of Aeos, a mythical island that is said to be located on the unexplored border of the ocean. Here, players will meet the United Battle Committee (UBC), which manages a series of United Battle tournaments. These battles allow players to form teams of five and compete against each other to see who can earn the most points before time runs out. You will also find a mysterious new form of energy known as Aeos energy that can be used in Unite Battles to evolve Pokémon.

Here are some (well, a lot) PR:

And United Battles Rules – Unite Battles are where Trainers and their fellow Pokémon compete in 5 to 5 team battles. The key to victory in a Unite Battle is to have a higher score than the other team when time runs out. To earn points for your team, you must collect the Aeos energy by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon and then deposit that energy in one of the opposing team’s target areas. Unite Battles take place in various stages, and the rules for each stage are different. There can be different numbers of team members, different game lengths, and even different Legendary Pokémon appearing.

Face to face against Skilled Teams – In Unite Battles, cooperation with teammates is important. When you beat a qualified team or when you are at a disadvantage, you can open a path to victory by coordinating with teammates. In ranked matches, you can earn performance points, which can increase — or decrease — your ranking depending on the results of the battle. When you start, you will fight at the Beginner Cup level and start making your way to the Master Cup. In addition, those who become classified will be registered on a global ranking for the entire world to see.

Level Up – Before each United Battle, the participating Pokémon are returned to Lv. 1 through the power of Aeos energy, and in each battle, gain Exp. Points and level. As Pokémon grow in level, they learn powerful moves and evolution, and when a Pokémon reaches higher levels, it also learns its Move Unite — a powerful move that can only be learned and used in Unite Battles. Unite Moves can change the tide of battle!

Battle with a fresh look – In Pokémon UNITE, you can change the appearance of your Pokémon and Trainer. Join Unite Battles while showing off your unique style! You can use Holowear, a special technology that uses Aeos energy, to dress your Pokémon in a variety of clothes. You can also customize the look, clothes and accessories of your Trainer to ensure that your Trainer always looks the best, both in battle and out. You can update your profile with a Unite snapshot that presents the avatar of your Trainer and companion Pokémon, and you can even customize the snapshot by changing the expression or pose of your Trainer or adding stickers. Before entering a game, you and other players can also see the United Snapshot of each other!

Find Your Role – Many different Pokémon, such as Charizard, Pikachu and Greninja, appeared in UNITE Pokémon. Although strengths and weaknesses do not exist in Unite Battles, each Pokémon has its own stats and unique role – Attacker, Defender, Speedster, Supporter, or All-Rounder – that reflects its style of play. You will want to practice with various Pokémon to find out which suits you best. To use a Pokémon in Unite Battles, you need to have a Unite license for that Pokémon. Unite licenses can be obtained through the Unite Battles Committee, where you can exchange Aeos coins (earnable via Unite Battles) for your desired license.

Enjoy even more UNITE Pokémon with the Battle Pass – You will have the opportunity to earn rewards in game through the seasonal battle step. To earn these rewards, you will need to level up the step by completing missions. In addition, players can upgrade their battle pace using Aeos gems, which allow them to claim even more rewards.

Get Items via Stores – Pokémon UNITE has three types of coins in play: Aeos gems (paid), Aeos coins and Aeos notes. Aeos coins and Aeos tickets can be purchased to play the game. At the Unite Battles Committee, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos gems to obtain Unite licenses, which allow them to take Pokémon in Unite Battles. In Aeos Emporium, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos gems to get UBC-approved items such as Pokémon held items or Trainer fashion items (fashion items can also be obtained with Aeos tickets). Zirco Trading specializes in Holowear, which can be obtained with Aeos gems.

Will you be able to check out Pokémon UNITE when it launches next month? Let me know in the comments below.



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